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Cylinder Head Retaining Bolts 5.0FL and 5.0Fi Engines


Volvo Penta has changed the type of bolts used to secure the cylinder heads on all 5.0L Ford based engines. The older style bolts "a" were standard torque bolts. The newer style bolts "b" are Torque-to-Yield bolts, the drawing shows the difference between the two types of bolts.

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The new bolts are sold as kit, part number 3857029-7, which contain bolts to secure one cylinder head.

KIT CONTENTS - P/N 3857029-7

5 ea. 7/16"-14 X 4.11" Bolts
1 ea. 3/8"-16, 7/16"-14 X 3.93" Stud
5 ea. 7/16"-14 X 2.49" Bolts
1 ea. Instructions

Note: The torque-to-yield cylinder head retaining bolts "b" can be used on any 5.0L Ford engine. This kit contains five long bolts, five short bolts and one short stud. Some applications use a stud for fastening items to the cylinder head.

Each cylinder head must have all of one type of retaining bolt, standard torque or torque-to-yield. Do not use both types of cylinder head retaining bolts on one cylinder head.

CAUTION: Torque-to-yield cylinder head retaining bolts must be replaced with new bolts. DO NOT REUSE torque-to-yield cylinder head retaining bolts. Torque-to-yield cylinder head retaining bolts can only be used one time.


For the flanged (Torque-to-yield) hex head bolts and stud, tighten in three steps:

1. Tighten all bolts and stud in sequence to 37-47 Nm (25-35 lb. ft.).
2. Tighten all bolts and stud in sequence to 61-75 Nm (45-55 lb. ft.).
3. Angle torque all bolts and stud nut in sequence an additional 1/4 turn  (85-95 degrees).

Note: When torque-to-yield cylinder head retaining bolts have been tightened following these procedures, it is not necessary to retighten the bolts after the engine has been operated.

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