Table 5-1. Velvet Drive Troubleshooting

As durable as these transmissions are, don't neglect them for long.
Oil in fly wheel housing. Unknown. Service facility.
Oil on transmission. Loose bolts. Tighten to specifications
  Loose fittings. Tighten, replace.
  Loose dipstick. Tighten, replace.
  Loose drain plug. Tighten, replace.
  Unknown. Service facility.
  pin hole in cooler line replace
Oil around retainer. Retainer bolts loose Tighten to specifications.
  Unknown. Service facility.
Oil and water mixed Damaged oil cooler Service facility
  Unit Submerged in bilge water Flush n refill
High oil temperature. Oil level low. Add oil.
Oil level high. Drain oil to full mark
  Dirty oil cooler Replace cooler.
Low water level. Fill engine cooling system.
  Unknown. Service facility.
Shifts hard. Selector control. Service facility.
  Linkage. Adjust, replace.
  Detent ball. Clean, lubricate.
  Unknown Service facility.
Slow engagement. Selector control. Service facility.
  Low oil level Add oil.
  Linkage. Adjust, replace.
  Detent ball. Clean, lubricate
  Unknown. Service facility.
Boat won't move. Improper selector position. Adjust, replace.
  Low oil level. Add oil.
  Propeller missing broken. Replace.
  Propeller shaft Service facility.
  Transmission malfunction. Service facility.
Engine malfunction. Service facility.
  Charging pump reversed. Service facility
Prop turns in Neutral burned, warped clutch service shop
  broken shift linkage replace
Clattering noise low idle adjust
  loose flex plate or flywheel service shop
  broken tooth in transmission service shop
  something in prop remove
  loose strut tighten
Stuck in gear   service shop
Vibration prop or shaft  

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