The Way It Is

Many years ago I was service manager at a large boat dealership. Our trailer rep was at our shop regularly to discuss warranty issues. Finally one day he gave me the information below. He told me to call him anytime the trailer warranty in question complied with the following...

1. Frame warranted to first owner for one year
       if, he doesn't beat the hell out of it.

2. Consumer pays to get the trailer to the proper repair facility.

3. Guaranteed one year from date of delivery.

4. a. We don't cover damage.
    b. We don't cover unreasonable or non-standard use (or abuse).
    c. Nothing but the frame is covered.
    d. Not even the paint on the frame is covered.
    e. No incidental expenses at all!

5. No coverage after one year.

6. We are not responsible for anything but the warranty.

7. We have 60 days to make things right.

8. We only repair or replace the bad stuff.

9. If you aren't satisfied, you can sue .

10. You don't have to return the warranty card, but it would be nice.

Quick (non-legal) Trailer Warranty
(We can't say where we got this)

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