1. Control switch is in "RUN" position, but electric plant does not crank after the usual 5-minute delay period.
a. Check battery connections and battery voltage.

b. Remove the lead on thermal relay A2K1 (move lead wire from terminal 1. to terminal 3, Fig. 17) to disable the bilge-blower control. If plant cranks with the bilge blower control disabled, the problem is in the bilge blower control circuit. Refer to paragraph 5.

2. Electric plant will not start on load demand.

a. Move the toggle switch to "RUN" position. Plant should crank after approximately a 5 minute delay.

b. Apply some load (at least 100 watts) to load circuit. Move toggle switch to "AUTO" position,  Plant should continue running.

3. Control-O-Matic starts plant automatically under load,  but slows down or stops as soon as contactor picks up.

a. Recheck size of load and type of load to make certain it exceeds 40 W incandescent lamp load or 425 W heater load.

4. Plant won't stop with load removed.

a. Put toggle switch in "OFF" position to stop plant.  If plant does not stop, remove battery lead and check for faulty start solenoid. Contacts may have stuck closed.

b. Remove the load from the load side of the contactor  in Control-O-Matic.

c. Put toggle switch in "AUTO" position.
If plant does not crank, put toggle switch in ''RUN'' position to start plant. Put switch in "AUTO" position and plant should stop. If plant stops with the load lead removed from the load side of the contactor, it indicates that there was sufficient load on the AC line to keep the Control-O-Matic energized. Recheck load circuit.

5. Bilge-blower Control.
a. Bilge-blower circuit does not function at all.  Check the 6-1/4 amp fuse A2F1.
b. Blower circuit is energized continuously and electric plant doesn't crank.

Check heater element of thermal relay for open circuit or poor connection which may prevent relay from heating up enough to switch.

c. Blower circuit is not energized, but plant starts after a 2- to 6-minute delay.

Check operation of blower by placing a jumper from terminal BB to ground. Blower should run. If it doesn't, check for proper voltage from ground to terminal B+. Check wiring to blower.

. The Service Manual for this generating plant contains complete Trouble-shooting information.

Additional maintenance tables and tips


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