Boating Time savers
On that Sunday afternoon, when you find yourself with an urge to tinker.

When you leave the boat in water, there are always some switches to leave "ON" and some to turn "OFF" for safety sake. When my wife goes out to our boat for the afternoon, she never seems to remember which switches to leave "ON" and which ones to turn "OFF" just before she leaves.
When I go to customers boats to service them I often find switches left "ON" that

probably should be turned "OFF"...  before I leave, but I wonder if it was left "ON" by accident or if the switch is even what it is marked.
The tip is to analyze and mark your panel switches so that any one can operate the power to the boat, especially in an emergency if one should arise. When something gets changed, be sure to update the labeling. Also be sure to label the items you want left "ON", all the time, with on "On" label. AND there are some switches that should almost always be left "OFF". Label those, too.


There are two auto-bilge pumps, one auto-shower sump pump, and one manual pump in the forward bilge area of my boat and the auto-switches are hard to get at to test. The yellow glow light always assures me that there is power to the auto-switches at the point closest to the switch. There was never any dash switch to activate the auto-pumps so I connected in a switch just so I could at least test and hear the pumps run....
The three-way switch can manually turn on both auto-pumps or just the main manual pump.


Did you know that the number one customer complaint with boats is an electrical problem? Did you also know that better than 40% of those problems are battery related? So what are you going to check once a month every month, during the up coming season? You only need three things. A can of spray oil (engine fogging oil will do) to lightly coat the posts, a pliers to snug the post wing nuts, and a bottle of distilled water. What else could be easier. How does this save time? Your odds of being towed in, are 40% less.....


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