3-1. Perform all pre-operation maintenance on the Velvet Drive transmission (see paragraph 2-12).

3-2. At the helm place transmission selector control in Neutral before starting engine. Shifts from any selector position to any other selector position may he made at any time below 1000 rpm and in any order. Shifts should he made at the lowest practical engine speed.

CAUTION: Shifting above 1000 rpm can severely damage
                      boat, transmission and engine.

a. Neutral: Move selector lever to the middle position. You should feel the detent center the shift lever on the transmission through the linkage to the selector lever. With the control in this position, hydraulic power is     completely interrupted and the output shaft of the transmission does not turn.
b.  Forward: Move selector lever to the forward position. You should feel the detent. The shift lever on the transmission in the forward position. The output shaft and the propeller should move the boat in a forward direction.

WARNING: If boat moves backwards with the selector control in the forward position, shut off engine (see paragraph 2 -5) or consult Your nearest Velvet Drive distributor.

NOTE: This problem can be a result of improper installation
               by the boat builder or service facility.

CAUTION: Early gear failure will occur when the transmission
                     is operated in reverse to obtain forward propulsion.

c.   Reverse: Move selector lever to the rear ward position. You should feel the detent. The shift lever on the transmission is in the reverse position. The output shaft and the propeller should move the boat in a reverse direction.

3-3. Velvet Drive Transmission Operation
a. Place selector control in the Neutral position.
b. Start engine and set throttle at idle speed and warm up transmission oil for a few minutes.
c. Be aware of any unusual noises or vibrations and investigate to determine the cause.

CAUTION: Before checking oil, shut off engine. Hot oil could cause burns.

d. Shut off engine and check transmission oil level and add oil, if required, to the full mark on the dipstick.
e.   Restart engine.

3-4. Freewheeling
  It has been determined by tests and practical experience that all Velvet Drive marine transmissions can be free-wheeled without risking damage in sailing or trolling applications. Caution should be taken to be sure that proper oil level is maintained prior to freewheeling as well as normal running. Freewheeling one propeller of a twin engine boat at trolling speeds will not cause damage to the transmission connected to the freewheeling propeller.


4-1. Storage requires special care. Before winter storage one must:
a. Disconnect battery.
b. Drain water from the transmission oil cooling system.
c. Wipe transmission free of dirt, grime and grease.
d. Touch up unpainted areas of the transmission using suitable paint.
e. Loosen attaching hardware from transmission output flange and propeller shaft coupling flange before removing boat from water and separate flanges.


5-1. Velvet Drive is a self-contained, precision built marine transmission. Should trouble occur, consult Table 5-1 for remedy.

Table 5-1. Velvet Drive Troubleshooting
   SYMPTOM                    CAUSE                   REMEDY
Oil in fly wheel housing.     Unknown.              Service facility.
Oil on transmission.          Loose bolts.            Tighten to specifications.   
                                       Loose fittings.                 Tighten, replace.         
.                                   Loose dipstick.              Tighten, replace.
                                    Loose drain plug.          Tighten, replace.     
.                                    Unknown.                     Service facility.

Oil around retainer.    Retainer bolts loose.    Tighten to specifications.                                     
                                    Unknown.                        Service facility.

Oil and water mixed.     Damaged oil cooler     Service facility
High oil temperature.       Oil level low.           Add oil.
.                                     Oil level high.              Drain oil to full mark                                                                    Dirty oil cooler.           Replace cooler.
                                  Low water level.                    Fill cooling system.                                      Unknown.                     Service facility.

Shifts hard.              Selector control.             Service facility.   
.                                 Linkage.                         Adjust, replace.
   .                                Detent ball.                     Clean, lubricate.
   .                                Unknown.                        Service facility.

Slow engagement.         Selector control.       Service facility.
.                                     Low oil level.           Add oil.   
  .                                   Linkage.                       Adjust, replace.   
.                                    Detent ball.                   Clean, lubricate.
   .                                  Unknown.                      Service facility.
Boat won't move.    Improper selector position.  Adjust, replace.
.                                    Low oil level.               Add oil.
.                              Propeller missing broken.          Replace.
  .                             Propeller shaft                    Service facility.
  .                     Transmission malfunction.           Service facility.
  .                      Engine malfunction.                   Service facility.
  .                     Charging pump reversed.            Service facility.   

For printable copy of troubleshooting: click here.

For downloadable version of ID chart shown below: click here  (30k file)

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