The are things that have been and probably will never change.
* All MerCruiser sterndrive "engines" are "Left Hand" (counterclockwise) rotation engines. ( when viewed from the Flywheel end )
* Mercruiser "sterndrive" (Standard rotation) turn the prop in a right hand, clockwise direction.
(Counterclockwise is available for twin engine installation.)
* You put a  alpha sterndrive in "forward" to remove the sterndrive and you put a counter rotation alpha sterndrive in "reverse" to remove the drive. ( torque the drive back on at 50 lbs. of torque)
* ======== (Work in progress) =====

drive-rot.gif (7153 bytes)
trim-tab.gif (10209 bytes)
Out board and Inboard/outboard without power steering may need some correction for steering torque. The basis of the adjustment is, if the boat pulls to the right, move the back edge of the fin to the right , and if it pulls to the left, move the back of the fin to the left. Make sure to retighten it properly so it doesn't fall off. Units with power steering don't typically need a trim fun under the cavitation plate., at all.

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