Atwood Hydraulic Surge Brake System

Table of Contents:
Safety Information ............
Hydraulic Surge Brake System
       Brake Actuator .....
            Straight Tongue ........
            A-Frame Weld-Between .......
      Painting the Brake Actuator....
      Foundation Brakes ......
Operation ........
   Towing .......
   Backing-up .......
Maintenance .......
   Trouble Shooting .....


NOTE: Atwood brake actuators and foundation brakes must be installed in accordance with the instructions provided within.


Installer: Provide these instructions to the consumer.
Consumer: Read these instructions and keep them for future reference.

CAUTION: The maximum trailer weight for the Atwood brake actuator is 6,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, with a maximum tongue load of 900 lbs. Do not exceed this capacity.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the total weight of the trailer fully loaded including personal belongings. Know your trailer GVWR.

CAUTION: Use only a 2" machined or forged ball with the Atwood brake actuator. Do not use a fabricated or multi-piece ball.

CAUTION: Do not submerge actuator. Water may enter and corrode master cylinder causing brake failure.


WARNING: The brake actuator must be installed with the frame stops in contact with the trailer tongue.

Bolt-on Application

1. Determine proper location of brake actuator on trailer tongue.

2. Drill 17/32" holes in trailer tongue where bolt holes are positioned.

3. Attach brake actuator to trailer tongue with 1/2" diameter bolts (2) S.A.E. grade 5 or greater, lock-washers (2) and nuts (2). Torque nuts to 60 70 ft. lbs.

WARNING: The trailer-tongue must have adequate strength to support the attachment of the brake actuator without the mounting nuts losing torque during the life of the trailer. If there is any potential for trailer tongue deformation or loss of installation torque, the trailer tongue must be properly reinforced to prevent any potential loosening of the brake actuator in service. See Figure 2 for view of recommended trailer tongue reinforcement.

Weld-on Application

1. Determine proper location of brake actuator on trailer tongue.

2. Weld actuator to trailer tongue with a minimum of 7" weld per side. Make a 5/32" fillet weld (see Figure 1)No. E6011 A.W.S. Welding rod (AC or DCRP). Use a 5/32" diameter rod, machine amps at 140-150 with 50 volts.

CAUTION: Breakaway cable and hook must not touch ground during welding operation.

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