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    Content is divided into categories, as best as possible. Information pertaining to a specific engine manufacturer have their own index page. There is a general index of web pages that are contained on this web site but, there are tip-bits of wisdom thru-out the site, not found in the index.  Links to other web sites, are usually marked as such.

   We hope you can use the information we have started to assemble on these pages. There isn't any order to what gets posted as much as it is geared to the information questions we receive from our visitors.  If you don't see it, we just haven't gotten to it yet. You can make a request for updated content by using the logbook form. If you have an engine mechanical and/or boat repair question, use the "Ask A Tech. " form.

   We have been posting updated web site material, so keep tuned in. We are working on a new look and feel and would like to invite our visitors to suggest new features. Feel free to send us your thoughts.

Web Safety: Our web site has been in continuous operation for over 16 years. We have sent out thousands of email responses to our visitors. Because of this, our email address sometimes gets "spoofed"  by visitors computers infected with a virus. We "never" send attachments and/or .zip files with our email replies. We post requested images and files on our server for our visitors to download. If you get an email from us that you did not expect and/or has an attachment... Delete it.

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