About this web site.

  In response to years of answering questions and giving assistance when ever possible, to our customers, friends, and any one looking for information, we have started to assemble this web site. This web site is not a service manual. Never trust any web site, this web site, chat room, news group, and/or Uncle Joe to diagnose and repair your boat and motor and/or to keep you out of trouble. There are way too many variables that can affect the proper solution to your problems and needs. And for you to expect that some guy in a chat room is going to be able to pass along "all" pertinent information required to do this, is simply fool hardy.

  Our experience  in marine systems repair can assist you in becoming more familiar with your boat and how it works, and even help point you in the right direction, but you're going to have to make the effort to acquire the proper manuals for your product and make an attempt at understanding the basics of how your boat functions.

  There is no magic wand to wave... it just takes a little time to look at your product and then apply some common sense. The best trouble shooting technique ever developed was... "Maintenance".

  By doing the basic checks that are called for, by your owners manual, you will find that you will have less break downs and that  you "are" trouble shooting at the same time. The way to become familiar with the functions of your boat is to open the motor box and look. Even if you don't know what you're looking at, in time you'll at least know when something has changed.

What does it look like (Color, shape, location, etc.), what sounds does it make, (Idling, shifting forward and reverse, full power, trimming up and down, etc.), what does it feel like, (Temperature, responsiveness, loose or tight.) Watch for leaks, changes in gauge readings, and even know "what" you have when you do need assistance from a professional.

Following this line of thought, the next time you see me on the dock, maybe we'll have some time to talk about...  the weather or something. :) .


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